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Review of York Lodge on Friday 22 February 2013 by Charlotte (Daughter of day care user)

My mum has been going to York Lodge three times a week for their excellent day care, and she really loves it! The food is gorgeous, she always enjoys the activities and outings and the staff there make her feel ‘part of the family’. She really looks forward to going, and it’s reassuring for me to know she’s being well looked after and having fun too. Highly recommended!

  • Facilities: Excellent
  • Care / Support: Excellent
  • Cleanliness: Excellent
  • Food & Drink: Excellent
  • Staff: Excellent
  • Activities: Excellent
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    • Bedrooms in York Lodge

  • Management: Excellent
  • Safety / Security: Excellent
  • Rooms: Excellent
  • Value for Money: Excellent

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